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Play With Fire Safely: 5 Indispensible Safety Tips

That’s why, to even begin the waltz, we must flatten the teeth of the fire-beast first. No matter if you’re an experienced spinner or just beginning the dance, if you don’t want to set yourself or others ablaze, there’s a whole set of safety measures to adhere to. Let’s list some of them.

Forge Your Own Fire Poi

One of the many joys that come from fire dancing is the ability to choose your equipment. But if you can craft your own gear, then so much the better!

3 Tricks Every Poi Beginner Should Perfect

It’s all in the muscle memory, they say. And it’s true, to an extent. But to get those muscles to memorize the moves, you need to practice those moves over, and over, and then over again, until they got it just right.

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