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Going LED: 4 Essential Things To Know About LED Poi

You can hear all kinds of reasons why people are reluctant to enroll in fire poi: it’s a bit too risky for some, some others find it limiting in terms of space, others still that it’s limiting in terms of color. All these problems are pretty sound, no doubt they all hold together (except for the color, i could never really swallow that), but can also all be solved in one single swoop; by turning electric.

LED poi, along with the range of varieties it comes with, is a fairly recent developement in object manipulation art. But it is just as fun as any, just as engaging; and it’s the closest we ever got to Star Wars as a species.

1. What’s It All About?

LED poi looks just as you might have pictured it, a regular-looking spinning toy with a battery-powered LED light on one end. Since there are no flames to worry about while dancing, it is indeed very much, to put it that way, user-friendlier than fire poi. Glow spinning perhaps lacks that connection with the primordial element, but it gives you, for obvious reasons of not burning yourself, a bit more move variety. The LED lights offer a unique feel of splitting through the night, often to the electrifying effect.

2. Hard To Narrow It Down To One

In addition to coming in many colors, Glow poi have a plethora of different shapes to them. They also offer some variety when the cord option is concerned; you may opt for nylon cord, cole cord, or for the stretchy one made of socks. Choosing between all the varieties is part of the fun with LED poi, given that they’re not all that hard on money. Except for the insanely uber-bright HyperLights. That stuff is expensive, but it’s also the best LED poi the money can buy. On the other side of the wallet, you can construct your own LED poi, if you feel crafty, that is.

3. Risk-free, Almost

Most folks are led to choose LED over fire poi for safety reasons; glowy one will not get you burns. But don’t go all fast & flashy just yet, they might still get you bruises if not carefull.

4. Fit For Starters?

Going LED strait up from the beginning is’t the smartest of choices (start with a simple socks first, then see where it goes). But hold on, once you get there, the whole world of poi spinning will suddenly light up.

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