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Fire Fans – A Spectacle Like No Other

You must have seen them, the fire fans. Featuring heavily in Eastern culture dancing performances (notably the belly dancing), they are nothing short of gorgeous to look at. Their stiffness makes the spinning very smooth, very controlled, and as such very friendly to the fire newcomers. Let’s untangle the fire fans a little and see wherein lay their irresponsibility.

Is It The Looks?

There’s still the steel and there’s still the Kevlar wicking involved, but this time much more of it. Although they come in so many different shapes, fans generally entertain an intricate pattern of steelwork that ends with 4 or 5 heads on the top. They’re also generally fixed, but you may get the collapsible ones if you feel confident enough. Something that’s also fixed is the props on the fans. Unlike with poi, fan props allow for very little flexibility, so you might want to choose your fans very carefully in the first place. Comparing them further to poi, fans are expensive, not through the roof, but you do have to delve a little deeper into your pockets to get something like the pair of these. And also tons of talent and practice to wield them like that!

The Spins Maybe?

As far as learning goes, fire fans rely much more on dancing, so they might be perhaps a bit easier to master then poi or staves. Easier on the technical side, fans are heavy, much heavier when it comes to their weight. There is no the kind of momentum that comes with poi; fans rather, weighting half a kilo give or take, rely on your physical strength and endurance for a successful swinging. You should also notice that the flames for fans are much closer to you than it is the case with poi. So beware the heat, it can turn ugly if you find yourself off balance. With all that said, fans are many fire first timers’ first choice, due to their stiffness and ease of spinning. Besides being beautiful, that is.

A Few Things to Consider

Any dance can be the foundation for the fire fans; even the background in martial arts is a good start. You can do almost any dancing move with them as you can without; it’s just the weight on your hands that’s changed. You still need to look out for the flames, though; particularly because the fans tend to bend over time. Nothing to worry much about, it’s normal, but you should always be on the lookout for this ‘normal’ not to escalate.

There are so many decisions to consider before setting your first wick alight. If you’re still indecisive, opting for the fans would be a good idea, if for nothing else, then at least to find out whether you and fire are a match. 

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